Eco-Dock Construction At 69th Street Pier Nearly Completed

Photo courtesy of Chun K
Photo courtesy of Chun K

Construction workers have nearly completed the planned eco-dock located at the 69th Street pier. According to a report by the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Councilman Gentile promised that the dock will be open to the public by the end of the month.

The floating dock, which cost an estimated $800,000, consists of two platforms. One platform serves as a launching point for kayaks and the other provides a docking area for small boats. Councilman Gentile also noted that the dock will serve as a teaching area for children for the purpose of teaching them about marine life. The Daily Eagle also reported that the Parks Department will be responsible for the dock’s operation.

Once opened, the dock is expected to remain open to the public until Thanksgiving before closing for winter. It will reopen again in spring.