Echo iPhone App Aims To Connect Bensonhurst Residents With Each Other

Source: Echolocation

New York City has become a major player in the world of tech start-ups. The push has been felt by New Yorkers all over the five boroughs. For example, commuters can now use MTA phone apps to determine more accurate train or bus arrival times.

Another new Brooklyn-based start-up has also just rolled out an iPhone app to help connect community members with other locals, whether they need access to a specific store location or a dose of community news. Echo by Echolocation connects users with their location through 140 character messages. It’s similar to Twitter except that it automatically detects which city you’re in, and provides you with the most recent content from Echo users in that city.

“Our goal for Echo is to provide people in Bensonhurst with an effective way to communicate with other people in the community. As part of the roll out  we’ve integrated content from Bensonhurst Bean so people can easily get access to your blog directly from their mobile devices,” writes Echolocation founder Brian Donohue.

Is it wrong that we love the integration of our blog into this app’s usage? If it is, we don’t want to be right. Nice job developers. We hope to see more Bensonhurst-inspired apps in your future.