A&P, Pathmark, Waldbaum’s To Offer Brooklyn-Farmed Produce Soon

Source: Rasbak via Wikimedia Commons

BrightFarms, Inc and The Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company, Inc. (that’s A&P to you) have announced a partnership to deliver fresh local produce to A&P stores throughout New York.

BrightFarms is a 100,000 square foot Brooklyn rooftop farm operation located in Sunset park, and happens to be the largest rooftop farm in the world. The BrightFarms’ Brooklyn greenhouse grows up to one million pounds of local produce per year.

The partnership between A&P and BrightFarms helps develop a new produce supply chain—one that is thousands of miles shorter. Customers will soon have the opportunity to purchase locally-grown lettuce, tomato and herb varieties at their neighborhood A&P, The Food Emporium, Pathmark or Waldbaum’s.

Although it is not yet confirmed which stores specifically will be the recipients of BrightFarms’ local produce, A&P assures shoppers that it will be distributed widely throughout their metro-area family of stores.

“Partnering with BrightFarms is a phenomenal opportunity to provide our customers with the freshest, local, and most sustainable produce in the supermarket aisle,” said Sam Martin, the president and CEO of A&P, in a media release.

We predict that pretty soon you’ll be hearing buzz words like locavore in the produce aisle of your local Walbaum’s.