Eat, Drink, And Support ‘CHiPs Night Out’ Tonight By Patronizing These Local Businesses

Eat, Drink, And Support ‘CHiPs Night Out’ Tonight By Patronizing These Local Businesses
Photo via CHiPS Soup Kitchen & Women’s Shelter

There’s no better way to enjoy a meal than by donating to a good cause as well.

Tonight, generous, local businesses are participating to support one of our most important neighborhood organizations: Community Help in Park Slope, better known as CHiPS.

On Tuesday, July 12, some of our best neighborhood spots will donate 15% of their dinner checks to CHiPS. So get hungry and thirsty.

Here’s the list of participating businesses:

In addition to serving as many as 250 meals daily, CHiPS is staffed by a group of dedicated volunteers who come together to ensure hungry neighbors have a place to turn for delicious, healthy meals. In addition, the Frances Residency Program houses up to eight low-income women and their newborn infants with the goal of getting them on solid footing for a life beyond homeless shelters.

“My real goal is to keep the women here from going into the homeless system,” says CHiPS Executive Director Denise Scaravella. “We want to give them a helping hand to get them back on their feet.”

Local owners are also passionate about the Night Out.

“CHiPS is such an incredible organization,” says Ashley Albert, who serves on the Board of Directors. “Before I got involved, I knew that CHiPS was a soup kitchen, but I had no idea that it was also a shelter for homeless women and their babies.”

Albert is co-owner of Royal Palms Shuffleboard as well as partner in The Matzo Project. “The amazing thing about CHiPS Night Out — and really, any donations that CHiPS gets throughout the year — is that it’s not a government run facility,” she says. “Even though it has to rely completely on the generosity of donations, there’s not a whole lot of administrative red tape in between the money that’s raised that night and the people it can help.”

The conviviality of being at a local business is a large part of the evening. “I love the idea that our neighbors can come into the club for a game and a few tropical cocktails on Tuesday and actually make a substantially positive difference in the quality of someone else’s life, whether they know it or not,” adds Albert.

CHiPS Night Out 2016

If you can’t dine out tonight, you can donate online anytime.


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