East 14th Street's Lights Are A Bunch Of Wussies

Courtesy of Dave B.

Well, we all know drivers come first in this city. Not pedestrians, not baby carriages, and definitely not bicycles. So when someone put these pedestrian traffic lights up in what was apparently the path of local drivers, clearly the light had it coming, right? This one here, at East 14th Street and Avenue Z, was knocked down at around 10 p.m. last night by some driver busily going about his evening. Lo and behold, this jackhole street light jumped out into the driver’s path and BAM! Look at it now… not so smart are you now, Mr. Streetlight? Across the street from it – diagonally – its sister traffic light was knocked over a week or so ago. DOT had the nerve to go and put it back up. Hopefully they’ll get the message this time, or a mailbox will be next…


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