E. 17th and Ave Z: An Intersection Takes Shape

Pharmacy in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

Just a few years ago, the intersection at Avenue Z and East 17th Street was occupied by a gas station, a rather run-down garage, a parking lot, and a car wash/tobacconist. Just a block off of one of the area’s main stretches, it was a pretty dismal intersection. But now three low-rises have popped up, all with retail on the lower levels, and a much more interesting corner of Sheepshead Bay is taking shape.

Sure, the municpal parking lot is still there. And so are Platinum Car Wash and Brooklyn Cigars. But the last retail business tenant in the new constructions has announced itself: T&N Pharmacy is opening on the northwest corner. T&N joins Cappuccino on the Bay and Sylvan Learning Center in the low-rise. We revealed last month that the three floors of retail in the building on the opposite corner will be occupied by a group of local physicians. There are still a few openings in the low-rise down the block, on East 17th Street between Avenue Z and Jerome Avenue, but we’re confident they’ll fill up soon.

Whatever you think of development in Sheepshead Bay, and especially the appearance of these three low-rises, it’s still good to know that businesses are moving into the area and improving a previously blighted-appearing intersection.