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Dyker Heights Has Lights, but We’ve Got Santa Claus!


Forget the North Pole! Santa’s been secretly keeping a real close eye on us right here in Sheepshead Bay.

He was hiding under a baseball cap, but his perfectly trimmed white beard shone as he tended to Dasher and Dancer and Donner and Blixen — right there in his front yard. And what a front yard! It was home to every holiday and winter theme you can think of: Frosty the Snowman and his friends; polar bears; penguins; Christmas trees; and, even turkeys.

Find out where you can see Santa after the jump.

It was a bright sunny day, but oddly enough, it was snowing in the snow globe in his front lawn! There was another strange phenomena. Although, there were few trains at the Neck Road Station, there was a little choo-choo in his display that made me widen my eyes as if I was a little child on Christmas morning.

I’m glad I’d been good all year long, because Santa took some time to talk with me. To protect his cover during the rest of the year, he goes by the name of Bobby and presents himself as a N.Y.S. Notary Public. He explains away the long absences spent supervising his elves (disguised as mooning gnomes on his lawn) in his workshop all year round, as time he spends riding his motorcycle. Yes, folks, Santa rides a Harley (just look at that blow-up replica)! He can’t very well stay anonymous riding with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer on our Brooklyn streets, now, can he?

On the way to their base station just around the corner from where he hides out, postal workers must be quietly leaving “Letters to Santa” in his mailbox. If they didn’t, he might not be able to deliver the Toys for Tots as he does every year.

You might think that Santa is only good for taking pictures with the kids at retail stores and with your pets at Petco — but, not this Santa. He is known to make his appearance as the venerable Saint Nicholas at Christ-mass celebrations. Only the real Santa Claus wouldn’t mind sharing the attention with the real meaning behind Christmas by putting up a Baby Jesus in a manger scene.

The Energy Current says that the North Pole is in environmental trouble. Well, maybe so — but it won’t be because of our Santa. Every day, he conscientiously shuts off the lights and power for the animated parts of his display in order to save electricity. Seems our conservation-minded Santa has a check-writing Mrs. Claus who showed him the sky high Con Ed bill!

If there was a donation box hanging on the green garlanded fence, I would have surely taken a little of my own green out of my wallet and put it in there — but, Santa is way too modest to request donations. So, if a local handyman has an extra donation box hanging around, head on over there and install it. Judging from the Support Our Troops sign displayed in his yard, I’m sure everything he does is for a patriotic cause.

Bah-humbuggers — whose Christmas wish is to ruin holiday displays like hackers did to the website Santa used to maintain — please, stay away.

Go in late afternoon and you just might see Santa himself flip the switch. You’ll finally be able to put an end to all those Christmas Scrooge rumors about Santa not being real.

Santa on A Harley
Christmas Display
1823 Avenue X
(corner of Avenue X & East 19 St)
Brooklyn, NY

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