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Two Cars Crash, Hit Building in Dyker Heights

The crash at 68th and 8th in Dyker Heights last night (Via NYC911News LLC)

DYKER HEIGHTS – Two cars slammed into each other at the intersection of 68th Street and 8th Avenue in Dyker Heights last night, propelling one of the vehicles into a nearby storefront and the other into a parked car.

The crash occurred around 11:00 pm on Tuesday, June 5, at the intersection of 68th Street and 8th Avenue, near Leif Ericsson Park.

There were multiple injuries in the crash, the FDNY confirmed. A seriously injured individual was transported to Lutheran Hospital, while two more injured parties refused medical attention at the scene.

(Via NYC911News LLC)

A witness said that firefighters had to remove the driver of the black car, a Range Rover, from the crash.

The impact to the corner store, Chuang Ti Gift Inc., looked to be minor, as the security gates were down and the store closed. Last week, a car crash in Bed-Stuy injured patrons inside a cafe as the vehicle crashed through the wall.

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