Dunkin Donuts Opens On Prospect Park West

Dunkin Donuts Opens On Prospect Park West
Dunkin Donuts WT

Brunswick isn’t the only new business to make a move to Windsor Terrace! Dunkin Donuts recently opened at 250 Prospect Park West, between Prospect Avenue and Windsor Place.

“A friend of mine just stopped me and mentioned Dunkin’ Donuts had opened,” said neighbor and roving photographer Tom Prendergast. “He said he went in and bought some blueberry muffins and a large coffee and was delighted with the quality of both, along with the prices.

“This is the answer to the neighborhoods complaints about the overpricing for coffee, muffins  and bagels over the last few years,” he added.

On the flip side, Windsor Terrace resident Teresa Lagerman wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic about the chain’s arrival.

“It was such a big space and they were renovating it for so long,” she told us, “I was looking forward to seeing a new addition to the neighborhood.

“When that addition turned out to be a Dunkin Donuts,” she continued, “well, I was pretty bummed.”

What do you think, neighbors? Are you excited to start your morning with Dunkin, or would you have preferred to see a mom and pop business open up? How do you think the arrival of Dunkin Donuts will affect places like Connecticut Muffin, Terrace Bagels, and Regina Bakery?

Photo by Teresa Lagerman


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