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Due To Flooding, Councilman Nelson Shacks Up With Senator Storobin


Here’ an announcement Councilman Michael Nelson’s staff asked us to make:

Since Councilman Nelson’s district office is still without power or phone service, effective today Councilman Nelson’s staff will temporarily work out of NYS Senator David Storobin’s Office located at 2201 Avenue U.  The best and most efficient way to reach the Councilman’s office is by emailing: [email protected] OR [email protected] and if you need to speak with a member of the staff, please include your telephone number.  We will do our best to call you back as soon as possible.  Please also note that tomorrow we will have an attorney present from CUNY’s free Legal Program to help answer any legal questions you may have.

You can also reach the councilman by calling Storobin’s district office at (718) 743-8610 and asking for a member of Nelson’s staff.

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  1. I’m thinking that the flood, is the flood, Storobin’s office is the ark, and the ark took 2 politicians, one Democratic and one Republican…. So, it doesn’t take a village, it takes an ark! Good gosh, the reason that doesn’t make sense is i’m a-sittin here inside with my winter coat and ski hat on. It’s so cold here that I go outside to warm up. That’s a joke, but it’s no joke, it’s true!

    Signed – Bruce “Zone A survivor” B..
    Alternately signed – Bruce “he got what he deserved” B

  2. People who have internet and phone service who are concerned about what’s going on in the evacuation zones, particularly the Sheepshead Bay/Manhattan Beach area, need to start writing and calling the elected officials and the press. This is all completely unacceptable and the media and the politicians must get that message- now!


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