Drivers In Bensonhurst ‘Confused’ By Meter Rules


Yesterday, News 12 Brooklyn reported that drivers in our neighborhood say they’re ‘confused’ by city parking rules for muni-meters – those annoying new parking meters that spit out teeny-tiny paper receipts.

One of the good things about the meters was that they were supposed to allow minutes left on a receipt from one spot to be used at another.

However, a local assemblyman told reporters that area residents who tried to carry over the muni-meter minutes have instead been issued parking tickets.

Assemblyman William Colton says that the DOT even went so far as to tell motorist advocacy groups that it’s legal to transfer the minutes, provided there is time left on the meter, leading many to assume doing so is within the rules.

From News 12:

But Colton says that during the past few months, his office has received numerous calls from drivers in Bensonhurst who have gotten parking violations for doing just that.

Bensonhurst Bean visited the DOT website and was unable to find any mention of the allowance on a page which lists the rules for muni-meters.

Colton has requested the DOT to make an announcement clarifying the law.

If any readers out there work for DOT or NYPD traffic enforcement, please feel free to give us the lowdown on the true muni-meter rules in the comments below.

Assemblyman William Colton represents Assembly District 47, which includes Bensonhurst, as well as parts of Gravesend and Midwood.