Driver Fled Scene Of Sunday's Manhattan Beach Accident

Photo by Stan Kaplan

The photo above is one of three parked cars struck by a speeding driver Sunday evening in an accident that has locals saying, “We told you so.”

Around 8:00 p.m., a car speeding westbound on Shore Boulevard lost control near the curve between Exeter Street and Dover Street, slamming into three cars more than 50 feet apart, before flipping over at Coleridge Street.

The driver of the flipped car then crawled out of the vehicle and fled on foot, leaving behind his injured passenger, as well as injured bystanders in the other cars.

Calls to the 61st Precinct went unanswered, and the status of the driver remains unknown.

The accident occurred near the same intersection where Brian Waldman, 52, was killed last July, when a speeding car coming around the curve struck him as he exited his vehicle. In that case, too, the driver fled the scene and was arrested the next day.

That has Manhattan Beach Community Group up in arms, as they’ve been badgering the city since Waldman’s death to install a traffic light near the curve to slow drivers down.

“We are outraged that the Brooklyn DOT Commissioner plays games while the good people of Brooklyn who visit, work, study or play in this neighborhood get hurt or die,” the group wrote on their website. “We WILL continue our fight to make Manhattan Beach SAFER on Shore and Oriental Blvds.”