Driver Crashes Into Lamp Post On Busy Brooklyn Heights Street


BROOKLYN HEIGHTS – A man driving an SUV crashed into a “bishop’s crook” lamp post on a busy sidewalk yesterday afternoon, the Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports.

211 Montague Street via Google Maps

The incident occurred at approximately 1:15pm on Monday, March 12 in front of the TD Bank located at 211 Montague Street (at Cadman Plaza West), across from Columbus Park, the Supreme Court House, and Brooklyn Borough Hall. A man driving a grey GMC Envoy drove onto the curb and slammed into the lamp post, missing pedestrians, according to the Daily Eagle. The front end of his vehicle was severely damaged and the light fixture was left leaning at a slant.

An officer at the scene said there were no injuries, the Daily Eagle states. It is not known what caused the man to drive into the post.

Following the crash, a section of the sidewalk was taped off and a newsstand located nearby was evacuated, the Daily Eagle adds. The lamp post was disassembled and carted away later in the day, according to the Brooklyn Heights Blog.

A NYPD representative told BKLYNER Tuesday morning that he did not have information on the incident, stating that it was likely not reported to CIS [Collision Investigation Squad] since there were no serious injuries or fatalities reported.

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  1. There has long been a driver behavior problem on Montague between Clinton and Court. This is heavenly used block with often near jam conditions. But it also is the scene of drivers from outside of the area with clear attitude and behavior including abrupt entry to traffic, blocking and at times really ugly disputes. And the reason for this is little or no police visibility! Given the daily population and Banks and business activity, is it reasonable…or sane, not to have a reasonably continuous police presence at least during peak business hours?


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