‘Drive And Shut Your Mouth, N*****,’ Man Says To MTA Driver Before Spitting On Him

‘Drive And Shut Your Mouth, N*****,’ Man Says To MTA Driver Before Spitting On Him

A white man shouted the n-word and then proceeded to spit at an MTA bus driver last night after allegedly getting upset when the driver told him to pay his fare.

The incident took place on Tuesday, October 29 at around 8:30 p.m. on the B68 headed toward Bartel-Pritchard Square. According to a witness on the bus who recorded part of the ordeal, the elderly man got on the bus a few stops before Avenue J. The driver asked him to pay his fare, the man refused and said he won’t because the bus was so late. He angrily sat down in the seats reserved for the elderly and disabled. He proceeded to shout things at the driver such as, “Don’t fuck with me, you n-word.” In fact, he shouted the racist slur multiple times on the bus.

In the video, he is also shouting at another passenger who seems to be standing and telling him he’s wrong. He told her, “Fuck you. Sit down, you piece of shit.”

To the driver, he shouted, “I was waiting for the bus for 45 minutes, motherfucker.” The driver responded, “You need to get out,” to which the man replied, “Get the fuck out of here. You get out… or drive and shut your mouth, n-word.”

“You need to get out,” the bus driver said again with the bus now stopped at Avenue J. The man responded, “Fucking neck-head. Get the fuck out of here.”

The driver did not move the bus. He can be heard saying, “We’re going nowhere. He needs to get out.”

“Just shut your mouth and drive. I hope you’re not drinking today, fucker,” the man said. “You’re wasting time, n-word… you redneck.”

“From this accident, you got no pension, nothing,” the man said again. “And you got no future in the fucking MTA. That’s it. You’re fired today. Fucker.”

After a while, he gets up, slams the driver’s barrier, says “fuck you,” gets off the bus, turns back around, and spits at the driver. He walks away and then comes back and slams the now-closed bus door.

The MTA released the following statement to Bklyner: “The MTA has referred this matter to the NYPD for a full investigation. This is abhorrent, racist, and violent behavior, and any crimes committed should result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.”