Dooley St. Office Building Moving Along


Peeking through the shrubs on the Emmons Avenue side of the Sunrise Assisted Living center’s parking lot, the growing mass of concrete, steel, and plywood is taking shape. Engineers at 30 Dooley Street (which actually stretches between 28-34 Dooley), told us it’ll be an office building. We kinda thought the stench-filled corridor of eastbound Shore Parkway, with its battalion of restaurant dumpsters and condo receptacles, was an odd place to have an office. We’re also not sure where the three (or more) stories of office workers and visitors are going to park, unless they work out a deal with Sunrise. But, all in all, we’re happy the project is moving along at a quick pace – not something we can say for all of Sheepshead Bay’s new buildings. Though construction stumbled early on last year, earning them a few minor violations from the Department of Buildings, workers have been on-site every time we stopped by over the last few months. As you can see from the photo below, it was just two months ago that this thing barely had a first floor on it:

30 Dooley Street in August

30 Dooley Street in August

No tenants are booked yet, and the engineer on site said that no real estate agents were signed up to represent the building. Maybe Sheepshead Bites found its new office location? Nah, we’ll choose a location where the air won’t have us wondering if we’ll one day morph into the Toxic Avenger.