Don’t let the 1% decide who will represent Park Slope, Flatbush, Sheepshead, Crown Heights in Congress – Vote June 26th!


FLATBUSH/CROWN HEIGHTS/SHEEPSHEAD – If you live in the 9th Congressional District, currently represented by Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, whether she will remain your congresswoman will be decided on June 26th at the Democratic Primaries. Yes, the general election is not until November 6, but in this heavily Democratic area, whoever wins the Democratic primary wins the general election.

Given that the primary date, June 26th, falls on the last day of public schools, and most folks think primaries are in September (those are for state races) turnout is likely to be abysmal, and past years are proof to that. Last time there was a Democratic primary for this seat (in 2012), only 13,487 people voted and decided who will represent the district of over 739,328 residents. That’s just 1.8% of the folks living in the District!

Yes, yes, not everyone can vote, but according to the government, there were 433,079 registered voters in this district in 2012, of which 322,677 were registered Democrats. Which means only 4% of registered Democrats voted in the 2012 primary.

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9th Congressional District map

This year Clarke, who has served Flatbush for a decade, faces Adem Bunkeddeko (we talked to him back in January) in the primaries.

The New York Times just published a glowing endorsement for the challenger, calling his résumé “impressive” and his biography “inspiring”.

The Times was not all that impressed by the Congresswoman’s track record, saying that  “major legislative accomplishments have been regrettably far between in her more than decade-long tenure in Congress. Residents of Brownsville, Park Slope, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Flatbush, Sheepshead Bay and Crown Heights deserve a more energetic advocate in Washington.”

Then again – New York Times is no fan of Clarke’s.

There will be one debate, 20 minutes long, which is supposed to air on NY1 next Tuesday, June 19th. Will update when we know exact time.

You can find out more about the contenders and where to vote on June 26th here:

Yvette Clarke: and

Adem Bunkeddeko:

And then – if you are a registered Democrat – mark your calendar to go vote on June 26th!

You can find the local polling station by clicking here, and check your voter registration status here.

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  1. Aren’t most people in this district unable to access Time Warner and get NY1? It’s Cablevision /Directv territory. Am I wrong? That seems like a strange choice but then I don’t know all the options.


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