Don’t Freak Out, It’s Just A Fort Hamilton Training Exercise!

This photo is totally unrelated. I just thought it was funny.

If you see a lot of emergency response teams, active military personnel and a slew of official-looking vehicles running around the Fort Hamilton Army Base tomorrow, be aware: China is not invading.

No, no, no… all the commotion is simply an installation-wide training exercise, beginning at 10 a.m. and lasting approximately four hours. Here are the details from the Fort Hamilton Army Base, courtesy of the 68th Precinct Community Council, and pointed out to us by the Bay Ridge Facebook page (that’s a lot of h/t’s, ain’t it?):

Fort Hamilton will conduct a full-scale, installation-wide active shooter exercise involving all its tenant organizations and New York City first responders such as the NYPD, FDNY and emergency medical teams Friday, Dec. 2 at approximately 10 a.m. New York City emergency vehicles will also participate and will be located at several locations throughout the installation for the duration of the exercise, which could last for approximately four hours and will remain within the confines of the installation. Fort Hamilton’s installation-wide public address system, which can be heard from beyond the boundaries of Fort Hamilton, will sound during the mid-morning and possibly continue throughout the duration of the exercise. Traffic is not expected to be disrupted at any time. It is only an exercise and there will be no cause for alarm, and the commander apologizes for any disturbance or inconvenience this may cause.