Don’t Forget: Roll-N-Roaster Had Commercials

Remember when commercials weren’t about the latest, greatest anti-depression pills that cause anal leakage? Remember when you could watch TV commercials for businesses in your neighborhood? Remember when annoying jingles would assault your head-meats and get stuck there for all… friggin’… day?

We do, too! And in honor of those memories, we’re bringing you the BEST commercial for a local business EVER!

Roll-N-Roaster, the fast food that’s not so fast, created a series of commercials over its nearly 40-year existence, but the above one is the original (I think…). The kitschy commercial stars George Bettinger, a comedian, impressionist, jingle writer and – apparently – an actor. Unfortunately for Bettinger, commercial jingles went out of vogue, but luckily Youtube brings everything back for a second life. There’s a second video on the Roll-N-Roaster website that’s even more hilarious (and unembeddable) that features dancing waitresses and a guy with the porn star look that was so hip with the lads back then.

Enjoy, and we sincerely hope you find yourself humming the tune during your god-awful bagged lunch at work. As for us, well, we’re gonna go get a roast beef sammich and cheese fries made not-so-fast.