Our Hospitals Need Neighbors To Donate Blood!

Our Hospitals Need Neighbors To Donate Blood!
Photo via American Red Cross.

While blood from donors isn’t being used to treat coronavirus patients, it is still needed for trauma cases, organ transplants, or complications during birth, the NY Times reported. With the PAUSE order in place, workplace blood drives are no longer taking place while the needs remain the same.

“It’s an unprecedented situation,” Dr. Pampee Young, chief medical officer of biomedical services at the American Red Cross told the NY Times. “We are already actively triaging units, determining which hospitals can and can’t get blood.”

The American Red Cross website states there’s an “Ongoing critical need due to coronavirus pandemic.” You can schedule an appointment to donate through their website here.

To donate to Maimonides please call 718-283-7694 to make an appointment at their Blood Donor Center.  This new requirement is in place to ensure social distancing, and tehy are also encouraging donors to please call before you arrive to avoid any wait time.