Dog Doodie DNA Database? It’s A Start…

There’s no shortage of complaints from our readers about the flagrant splattering of our sidewalks with dog shit. Complaints about crap on the streets are followed closely by complaints about those morons who actually make the effort to pick it up, and then chuck their non-biodegradable shopping bags full of shit under cars and elsewhere. (The tied up plastic, of course, slows the crap from decomposing, almost as if these jackasses are attempting to preserve the poop’s pestering of the public.)

Well, over at the blog Fucked in Park Slope, they’re offering up a solution to hunt-down and round-up these shmucks: a dog crap DNA database.

“I’m proposing that every dog owner have it’s dog’s DNA put in a huge database so that a sample of any unpicked-up turd will yield the offender who should then be made to lick the entire street is was found on. just saying.”

Write your councilmember now.