Do Bensonhurst Residents Benefit From Select S79 Bus Service?

Source: MattTrain via

Bensonhurst residents who travel to and from Staten Island for shopping or work may now save an extra seven minutes on their commute from Marsh Avenue in New Springville to 86th Street in Bay Ridge, or the reverse.

In an attempt to cut route time and relax traffic congestion on the S79, the new Select Bus Service routes and buses were introduced on September 4. To ensure efficient service, 53 stops were axed throughout the trip and the MTA added two miles of red painted bus lanes.

There are some factors which have not been accounted for yet, such as the addition of school kids as the school year moves forward. Though, at this point, most riders agree that saving seven to ten minutes is worth it.

Locals Dennis and Maria Rivera said they enjoyed the faster commute time on their way to the Staten Island Mall. Their trip on the s79 was cut down to 45 minutes.

Now, they’ll visit the mall more often.


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