Ditmas Park Home Prices Have Jumped 30% Since 2013, Says Corcoran Postcard

corcoran postcard

Having moved recently from a large apartment building to a unit in a house, we were surprised/amused/terrified to find this postcard in the mail last weekend from Corcoran, encouraging local homeowners to sell.

“Home prices have skyrocketed in Ditmas Park! There’s no better time to sell. The average price in your neighborhood has *increased by 30% since this same time last year,” the card begins, noting the percentage cited is from the company’s Quarterly Marketing Analysis.

corcoran postcard 2

The opposite side of the card offers a quaint collage of old timey Victorian Flatbush images, including a vintage shot of PS 139 and a 1907 aerial view of Prospect Park South from George R. Lawrence’s Captive Airship camera, and the tagline, “Rich in History… Steeped in Value.” Judy Sim is the realtor recommended on the card for her familiarity with the Ditmas Park area.

Perhaps the card shouldn’t feel so out of the blue–Corcoran certainly seems to be listing more and more gorgeous local properties on a weekly basis, including the new $2.975M build at 1216 Albemarle Road that will set an area record if it gets anywhere near asking price. And for longtime homeowners, we could imagine it’s nice to know your investment is quickly appreciating–but as a rental tenant with a good deal, opening the mailbox is a bit nerve wracking now.

Local homeowners, do these mailings make you more likely to sell? And have you seen an increase of such mailings, from Corcoran or other companies, as of late?


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