Ditmas History: The Best Parking Spot

Ditmas History: The Best Parking Spot
corner church argyle pimentel 2013

On the northwest corner of Church Ave. and Argyle Rd. you’ll find Pimentel Grocery, where the people are nice, the emergency cat food supply is available early in the morning, the drinks are cold on the way to the park, and my dad, when he lived here, preferred to buy his Corona. But hey… what was there before?

corner church argyle 1961 via brooklyn visual heritage

This 1961 photo from Brooklyn Visual Heritage tells a story about a few things we’ve lost–Argyle Pharmacy, which had apparently been around since at least 1921, a mailbox on the corner, and a pretty superb striped awning at the deli next door–and a few great things we’ve gained, like stoplights, a trash can, a youth club, and trees.

No matter what, though, one thing’s for sure–that parking near the fifth storefront down the block is the place to be.


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