Dionysus? Denied! Golden and Cymbrowitz Unite

With the influx of Sheepshead’s latest liquor establishments, Sheepshead Bay’s thirst for a frosty brew need not be quenched.

Senators Marty Golden (R) of Bay Ridge (aka the bar capital of Brooklyn) and Sheepshead’s Steven Cymbrowitz (D) fearing the decline of the mom-and-pop liquor store and the heightened teen accessibility to booze, united the unlikely pair in an effort to oppose Governor Paterson’s proposal to “legalize win sales in 19,000 new outlets.”

Although no one can predict how fast the Bay would be running to 7-11 for an ’85 Merlot, is there any real reason to increase the amount of places one can buy alcohol to begin with? According to the World Health Organization, 1.8 million deaths a year are attributed to alcohol usage, 1/3 of that alone being accidental. That’s not to mention the staggering rates of drunk driving in Sheepshead Bay.

With the State Liquor Authority having “only 38 inspectors statewide regulating 70,000 license holders,” Cymbrowitz notes that “To increase the inspection team’s workload by almost one-third is a recipe for disaster.”

We can already buy beer in corner stores and grocery stores have a less than humble selection of beer and prepackaged frou-frou drinks. Maybe a staggering four blocks seems like a ways away up in Albany, but down by the bay, our cup runneth over. Enough already.

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