DiGilio Playground Reno Complete

NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver joined City Council Member Kalman Yeger, former City Council Member David Greenfield, City Council Parks Chair Barry Grodenchik and community members to cut the ribbon on Brooklyn’s newly renovated DiGilio Playground. Photo by John McCarten /NYC Council

Boro Park – Yesterday morning a green ribbon was cut on another beautiful playground in Boro Park, celebrating the completion of a $2.8 million renovation, funded by former Council Member David Greenfield, who had committed to renovating every park in his district.

Photo via Parks Department

“DiGilio Playground is a place to walk, run and play in the heat of our congested community,” said Greenfield.

Photo via Parks Department

“I am proud to have funded its renovation and the renovation of all the parks in the district. Councilman Kalman Yeger has worked tirelessly to ensure the swift and timely completion of the park. Together, we literally gutted and rebuilt the entire park and quadrupled the play area.”

The renovated DiGilio Playground offers new play equipment for toddlers and children up to age 12, as well as adult fitness equipment to help grown-ups stay in shape – the latter seems to be standard for all recent park renovations.

Photo via Parks Department

For those looking for more active exercise, basketball and handball can be played in the recently renovated Dome Playground a few blocks to the north

Photo via Parks Department

Game tables, better lighting, more trees and landscaping were also added. What was taken away was the roller hockey rink, despite efforts to keep it.

Councilmember Yeger and Commissioner Silver testing out the slides. Photo by John McCarten /NYC Council

“The best neighborhood parks are the ones created with input from the community members who use them, and DiGilio Playground is a wonderful example of that,” said Commissioner Silver.

Neighborhood kids enjoying the new play area. Photo by John McCarten /NYC Council

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  1. If this renovation “cost” $2.8 million, then there should certainly be indictments pending.

  2. 2+ million dollars??? Really? When did they start making slides and teeter totters out of solid gold???

  3. Sounds to me like Tony Soprano has gotten out of waste management and into playground renovation.


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