Dig for Deals at Buy the Bag

Dig for Deals at Buy the Bag

An exciting new retail destination is on the horizon. If you’re an adventurous shopper, Buy the Bag has your name written all over it.

Housing Works, a nonprofit organization benefiting homelessness and those living with HIV/AIDS, opens their newest charity shop, Buy the Bag, at 159 28th Street on Saturday at noon. Don’t expect racks of neatly hanging garments, though. This is no ordinary store.

For $25, shoppers receive a large plastic bag (shown above). Dig through mountainous piles of clothing, shoes and accessories and, whatever you can fit in the bag, you take home. It’s a pretty stellar deal.

Items range from vintage pieces that need a little love to designer duds. Bins are replenished on a daily basis, so expect an unlimited supply of goodies to choose from.

There are a few rules, but nothing crazy. The bag can’t be overflowing (handles must be able to touch), clothing is only sold by the bag, no fighting over the snazzy top that both you and the person on the other side of the bin can’t live without, and no returns or exchanges.

Buy the Bag isn’t difficult to find, but it’s definitely a bit off the beaten shopping path (28th Street and 4th Avenue). Don’t let that discourage you, though. Grab some friends and make it a destination day. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at some of the deals you’ll walk out with.

Housing Works Buy the Bag is located at 159 28th Street. Hours are Wednesday – Saturday, 12pm to 6pm and Sunday, 12pm to 5pm. Saturdays from 11am – 12pm is the Power Hour, where the first 100 shoppers will have the opportunity to shop for one hour before the general public. More information on Power Hour and the Housing Works mission can be found on their website.


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