Did You Save Anyone Recently?

The Daily News is aiding in the search for the savior of Jordan’s Lobster Dock heir Brian Jordan after he nearly drowned in Coney Island this weekend. Apparently, around 6 p.m. on Saturday, Jordan jumped into the water off of a Coney Island pier when his speedboat, Starfish, somehow became untethered. To hear the News tell it, he sank like a ton of bricks. Until, that is, a dark-haired, white-shirted figure rescued him from the depths and then mysteriously disappeared.

As feel-good as the story is, even the News couldn’t avoid taking a subtle swipe at him:

It was all pretty odd for a guy who has been around water his whole life. Besides his family’s waterside restaurant, Jordan lives on a houseboat docked at the Venice Marina in Sheepshead Bay; he owns a sailboat and the runaway speedboat.

At the end of the article, Jordan ponders his offered reward, asking, “How do you put a price on a life?”

Hmm… the boat that almost killed you? Or the sailboat? Maybe those super-spiffy rich-guy golf pants you’ve got on in the News’ photo? Oh wait, you’ve already got something in mind?

“I’ll give him a big lobster dinner,” Jordan told the Daily News. “I’m beside myself with thanks.”

Come on, man. Seriously?

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