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Did You Lose Your Cat?


A reader is already looking to take us up on our offer last week to help owners reunite with their lost animals. This young cat was found on Monday, when it walked right into the home our reader. It’s a sultry kitty, as you can see. The reader says the kitten is very friendly – and very bony. It was found near East 13th Street between Avenue Y and Avenue Z. It also has a black collar with black bell, but no name tag.

If you are the owner or have any information about who this cat may belong to, e-mail us or call (718) 332-2335.

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  1. Not to mean, but from a practical standpoint, I think if a pet owner truly loved their furry companion, they would have a “If I’m lost, please call…” tag on their collar. A bell isn’t going to do bupkes in helping a lost kitty get reunited with their human.

  2. Cats pick their “owners”. They are not loyal like dogs. They will always choose the better situation. Whoever has the cat now is IT. My advice to the person taking care of the cat now – KEEP him or her – looks like a great animal!

  3. Yep, and I think a lot of strays can be linked to one Tuxedo. There was a time when there were hardly any strays at all. The ones out there were being neutered and released. We need to do that again.

  4. Greetings…it is I, Boris. Since the Office of Inspector shut down Royal Crown thanks to my rivals (who by coincidence have banner ad on this site), I take English class so now I am perfectly speaking your peasant language. I am here to write about community affairs concerning the community. Today, at end of my street, I see sign that reads “Lost Pussy…we would eat it but we too nice…email [email protected].” This is appalling. While they advertise the feline cat from above, they use crude American innuendo that correlate the using of tongue with female parts that are private. This is only a little funny and mostly unacceptable. There are many children on the block of my residence that could read this filth. If Royal Crown had not been shut down, I could have sheltered them at rates that are reasonable. Instead, they now have to see vulgarity courtesy of the sons of the foot doctor that live at the end of street. You might as well give them the candy shaped like kielbasa that is sold by Kamasutra (who have also rates that are reasonable). One of these sons dares to claim he serves community. No, I was the one serving community (at rates that were reasonable). You are ones that could not be bothered to participate in annual summer block party last weekend. For shame. What, did you nab exclusive news on garbage can overflowing?

    Please, while I kid about much (except that my rates were reasonable), do not give feline cat to ACC.

  5. Oh Boris, you’ve hit nail right on head!
    There are peasants and there are peasants!

    Ned, U R 1 sick puppy!

  6. Pheasants? Did someone say pheasants? is that what they served at the block party? What block party?

  7. One of my neighbors has done that – she had several cats fixed because the population was growing so fast. They are her cats now, and you should see them waiting for her at the gate at night until she comes home from work. They are her babies now


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