State Senator Diane Savino Warns Of Adult Bullying In The Workplace

Savino Anti Bullying NYC
Seantor Diane Savino. Source: Thomas Good via Wikimedia Commons

The paradigm has shifted in schools across the country. Bullying is now taken very seriously as lawmakers and educational leaders continue to raise awareness and work on remedy techniques to help children who are victims.

State Senator Diane Savino doesn’t want it to stop there. She has co-sponsored a bill that aims to protect adults that are bullied in the workplace.

It is called the Healthy Workplace Bill S.4289 and Savino hopes the legislation will get a passing vote in June.

Workplace bullying is not uncommon. One in six one in six American workers are affected, according to

Monday, Savino hosted a press conference describing the bill along with Maria Morrissey, sister of Kevin Morrissey, the editor who committed suicide due to workplace bullying.

At the meeting, victims of abusive work environments spoke out in favor of the bill.

“I continue to go through the trauma of gossiping, back stabbing, sabotage, false allegations about my work performance,” said Diana Whitaker, a US Air Force Veteran, RN and paramedic.

The bill aims to help employees who develop health problems because of workplace bullying by allowing them to sue the bully and hold the employer accountable. The legislation would also give employers the power to fire the bully.

Tell us readers, have you ever experienced adult workplace bullying?


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