Diane Savino On Mitt’s Speech And A Coney Island Casino

(Photo Credit: nysenate.gov)

Sometimes we all hate our jobs.

Senator Diane Savino wasn’t too pleased with Mitt Romney’s Tuesday night victory speech. She also finds it strange that the press hasn’t sought out her opinion sooner on the possibility of a casino in Coney Island.

Politicker NY writes that Savino described Romney’s words as “the worst kind of gutter politics.” After viewing the speech on television, the state senator took to Facebook to post the following: “I sometimes hate this frigging business.”

Savino thought Romney had sunk too low in the minutes after his New Hampshire victory.

From Politicker NY:

“He made direct statements accusing the President of exploiting the politics of envy, the statement that President Obama does not care about America, that President Obama is a socialist. It was really the worst kind of gutter politics,” Senator Savino said. “You want to disagree with President Obama? Fine, but stop trying to insinuate or overtly state that he’s un-American. That’s what I took offense to.”

Savino also accused Romney of insinuating “that average Americans aren’t really hurting.”

When asked about possible plans for a casino in Coney Island, something that would require Albany’s approval – including an amendment to the New York State Constitution – Senator Savino expressed surprise, finding it “odd” that this was the first time she was being asked about it by a member of the press.

“I’m sort of amused, because first the Post did a piece on it and the Advance had a piece yesterday and it was very odd to me that they interviewed Marty (Markowitz), and Dominic (sic) (Recchia) and Alec (Brook-Krasny)– and I’m the senator,” Savino told Politicker NY. Nobody called me and I’m the senator for Coney Island.”

For now, she seems to think that another important party has been overlooked at this point in the process – the people of Coney Island.

“All the people who live there, they expect that Coney Island is going to be a huge development. They’re already anticipating the retail and hotels, but we have to see how they feel about a casino.”