Dewey H.S. Student Attacked With Pipe While Friend Is Robbed

John Dewey H.S.

A 17-year-old student at John Dewey High School (50 Ave X) in Gravesend was struck in the head with a metal pipe earlier today when he, along with two young friends, was jumped by three thieves who demanded that one of the teenagers give up his cell phone and a pair of headphones.

The incident occurred directly outside the school on Avenue X, according to website DNAinfo.

Meanwhile, the Post is saying that one 17-year-old victim was brought to Lutheran Medical Center in order to have the wounds on his head stapled closed. Another suffered minor scrapes to his face.

The teen who had his electronics stolen was reportedly not injured.

The three alleged perpetrators – ages 17, 18, and 21 – were rounded up by police shortly after the crime occurred. They were taken into custody for assault and criminal possession of a weapon.