Decomposing Pigeon Corpse: Please, MTA, DOH… Someone — Do Something!

Source: Chicken Underwear / "What You Do Not Know Because You Are Not Me!"

“Chicken Underwear,” who blogs over at “What You Do Not Know Because You Are Not Me!” (hey, I just write this stuff), informs us that “As of June 29, 2011 that bird is still rotting above everybody’s heads.”

The bird that Chicken Underwear refers to is the rotting pigeon carcass, which I had photographed nearly five months ago on February 10. According to his/her post:

They put some sort of nets under the El over Sheepshead Bay Road.  I assume they are their to either
1. a Keep parts of the subway from falling on humans
2. Keep birds from nesting on the underside of the El.
They don’t work. This rotting pigeon has been suspended above the sidewalk since there was snow on the ground.
I could have taken a photo of the sidewalk showing that it was covered in bird poop. That would have been gross.
It took the MTA a while to remove the live bird from 4th Ave on the F line.  Lets see how long the dead bird stays there

Like any good and decent, civic-minded resident of Sheepshead Bay would have done, Chicken Underwear submitted an email to the MTA on their website, asking “What is the MTA doing about pigeons roosting in subway and commuter railroad stations?”

He/she received the following response from “a robot”:

To address the problem of pigeons in our stations, we are testing a new system that drives away pigeons by sending a harmless, low-voltage electric shock through wires installed in areas where they perch.

I don’t know about you guys, but you know how this makes me feel? Aside from a second class citizen, who uses that bus constantly, to get to and fro Sheepshead Bay Road? Kind of like how Ned feels, when a MetroPCS or a Euro-chic hair salon opens on Sheepshead Bay Road.

I turn to you, Allan Rosen. What do we do now?


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