De Blasio Speaks At MBNA Meeting

UPDATE: This meeting has been postponed until April 19 due to a broken water pipe that has shut down the public school for the evening.

From the Manhattan Beach Neighborhood Association:

Town Hall Meeting
Please join us Monday March 1st 2010 @ 8:00pm in Public School 195
As we welcome the newly elected NYC Public Advocate – Mr. Bill de Blasio – to Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn.
The Public Advocate has graciously accepted our invitation to conduct a Town Hall Meeting with questions and answers regarding any concerns we have regarding NYC government and it policies and how it affects our neighborhood.
There are numerous concerns that have arisen over the last few months in: crime, public transportation, education, quality of life services, real estate taxes, homeowner insurance terminations, and much more.
Please join us for this opportunity and let the Public Advocate know how you feel!
Below is a brief description of how the Public Advocate serves the residents of NYC.
The Office of the Public Advocate
The job of the Public Advocate is, most fundamentally, that of a watchdog, ensuring that all New Yorkers receive the City services they deserve and have a voice in shaping the policies of their government.
The Public Advocate also influences City planning, the budget process, and the management of retirement funds. His priorities as Public Advocate will be providing public school parents a voice in the education system; making government more efficient and transparent; and helping New Yorkers in need.
The Public Advocate is arguably the best-suited elected official in the City to help create key reforms that engage our residents in the democratic process and make our government more accountable to the people.
Government is often resistant to change, but the Public Advocate’s role is to push our bureaucracy to become more responsive and hold our elected leaders accountable to the needs of the people.