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Is De Blasio Snubbing Southern Brooklyn?

Source: Wikimedia Common
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Mayor Bill de Blasio appears to be avoiding Southern Brooklyn neighborhoods that supported his electoral rival, Joe Lhota, including Sheepshead Bay and Bensonhurst, according to a report in the New York Observer.

The outlet reports that de Blasio has held press conferences in neighborhoods where he performed well in November’s elections, but has failed to appear at all in the more conservative enclaves of Southern Brooklyn.

Mr. de Blasio, a Brooklynite, held press conferences in Democratic strongholds like Williamsburg, Bushwick, Red Hook, Sunset Park, Bedford-Stuyvesant and East New York over the first seven and a half months of his administration. But along the southern swath of Brooklyn–in neighborhoods including Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights, Boro Park, Marine Park, Gerritsen Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach, Manhattan Beach, Mill Basin and Bergen Beach–Mr. de Blasio has not scheduled a public appearance since becoming mayor in January.

Mr. Lhota bested Mr. de Blasio in those southern Brooklyn neighborhoods, in some election districts winning as much as 80 percent of the vote. Citywide, Mr. Lhota was crushed, winning only 24 percent of the vote to Mr. de Blasio’s 73 percent.

Prior to the elections, de Blasio sightings were fairly common in areas like Manhattan Beach and Brighton Beach. After votes were cast overwhelmingly in favor of Lhota in those neighborhoods, he hasn’t been heard from. The Observer reports that some in the Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst neighborhoods are complaining of the same.

Public appearances are one measure of the mayor’s responsiveness to a community. Another could be the dispatching of high-ranking officials to those neighborhoods, and on that there appears to be mixed results. The Department of Transportation commissioner and Build it Back head have both engaged Southern Brooklyn communities and appeared responsive.

At the same time, the mayor’s office gave a last-minute denial to the Santa Rosalia Society’s request for a date change of the 18th Avenue Feast. The request was made to address community concerns about garbage pickup after the event, but the mayor’s office offered no explanation for the denial despite multiple requests.

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  1. No thanks. That liberal douche can stay in his East Brooklyn and Bed-Stuy neighborhoods.
    He’s not welcome in Sheepshead Bay.

  2. Maybe not in your house, but I would love to see him around here. Maybe actually talking to residents.

  3. It’s not just this mayor. News stories in all media regarding this end of Brooklyn are ritually ignored. Lucky we have Sheepshead Bites/Bensonhurst Bean. The network newscasters can’t even pronounce the names of the streets and neighborhoods correctly. The few sacrificial lambs who appear at civic association meetings are seriously unprepared on the whole.

  4. So even if he’s going to come here and talk to you (seems like a slim chance, then what?
    He’s going back to where he feels he belongs.

    And as Mat50 just mentioned, the local broadcasting networks couldn’t care less what is happening in Southern Brooklyn.
    Like news 12 on cable would probably try to come up with the story once in half year without even being able to pronounce street names correctly.

  5. If he really was a liberal I wouldn’t be offended by him. However, he, like his predecessor, makes a display of liberal rhetoric while pandering to the crowd that owns this city through their influence.

  6. I agree that Channel 12 stinks here in southern Bklyn. I have complained to them (Cablevision) over the past few years. They rarely get south of Prospect Park. But, if you live in Park Slope or Bed Stuy, it’s all “12” all the time. I guess their GPS don’t work past Church Avenue. Thank goodness for The Bites and The Bean.

  7. Maybe you need to move to some country where there are dictators in charge! He would be very welcome to visit here! It would be my pleasure to host! I voted for him! So keep your conservative stupidity to yourself!

  8. When John Lindsay was Mayor back in the late sixties and early seventies, he created an Urban Action Task Force, assigning to each Task Force area a team of mayoral assistants and high level departmental officials who would hold local town hall meetings, receive complaints and address local problems, and serve as City Hall’s ear to the ground while taking the constituent service monopoly away from the local ward heelers and political clubhouses.

    Holding mayoral press conferences in particular neighborhoods is meaningless unless there are appropriate, accessible, and accountable public officials willing to take responsibility to ensure that needed services are delivered. I don’t have to see the Mayor’s face in my neighborhood, but I do expect to see the results of his leadership, which has less to do with his politics than it does his ability to manage. Of course, when it comes to citywide issues like crime, overdevelopment, the myriad causes and consequences of poverty, and the City’s fiscal soundness, it is all about politics, so the Mayor’s successesor failures in these areas will determine, more than anything else, whether deB is elected to a second term.

  9. I love New York and would never move.
    Why don’t take your liberal sh*t and take it to Soho, San Francisco or somewhere farther like Spain.

  10. Good for you, RutGot!
    Now, I think, it’s time for you to move to Park Slope or Bed-Stuy where you’ll always be visited by our beloved DeB.
    It’ll be a dream come true.

  11. No thanks, I’ll stay right here. It sounds like you might be more comfortable somewhere like Alabama or Mississippi or South Carolina. I’d consider it, NYC is going to be liberal and democratic for the foreseeable future.

  12. I’d hardly use John V Lindsay as an example of a good mayor or having good managerial skills. But, bad memories fade over the decades and then Lindsay becomes nostalgic 45 years later.

  13. Your liberal sh*t is taking this country in the wrong directions.
    Look at your beloved President’s diplomatic skills. All the countries are laughing at us and Mr. Softie Obama.

  14. If he does come here, and if he does speak with me, I’d be happy to share with him what it’s like for ME to live in this part of Brooklyn. Something that is clearly not the same as your experience.
    However, I would welcome him, the same as I would any other politician who has the ability to implement change in my area, with a handshake and a smile.

  15. How arrogant! Who appointed you the arbiter of whose welcome in Sheepshead Bay? Speak for yourself, not for the entire community.

  16. Arrogant, ArnietheK?
    I did speak for myself.
    However, the interesting thing is my comment got most “likes” on this article.
    So, please, once again, take your liberal sh*t and move to Bed-Stuy or Park Slope, closer to your boy DeBlasio.
    You’ll be seeing him there almost every day chanting away.

  17. By and large, the commenters here rarely rise above the level of trolls and racists, so if seven people liked one of my comments, I would be deeply worried.

  18. You missed my point, When did I ever say that I supported the Mayor? My comment had nothing to do with DiBlasio. It had to do with your broad pronouncement that speaks for the entire community. How do you know the mayor is unwelcome here? Because you say so? Because seven people share you view? That’s hardly overwelming majority of Bay residents. or even a valid sampling of community sentiment.
    It is clear that anyone who disagrees with you is subject to an angry, foul-mouthed attack and asked to move elsewhere. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you because I’m not going anywhere. So you can rant all you want. Or, you can engage in constructive dialogue.

  19. Actually, you did not speak for youself, you spoke for the entire neighborhood of Sheepshead Bay. We were just pointing out that you do not have 100% agreement.

  20. You act like Soho is some terrible place to live. Liberal or not, its a rich neighborhood and a decent place to live if you can afford it.

  21. RutGot,
    Obviously I won’t have a 100% agreement!!
    But the FACT that only 24% voted for him in some southern Brooklyn districts says a lot.
    So please let’s quit this nonsense and move on.

  22. So let me ask you this, ES?
    Why do you even bother commenting and responding to all the trolls and racists here?
    Rise above them and stop wasting your time.
    Would you agree with me?

  23. ArnietheK
    I don’t rant.
    I speak facts. If you misread the article, I suggest you go over it again.
    Last year’s election shows he was quite unpopular in this part of Brooklyn. I do not believe much has changed.
    Please, let’s stop engaging in this dialogue.

  24. Not necessarily. That’s like asking me why I don’t abandon my faith in humanity, since so much of humanity is capable of and executes so many terrible acts. Because I have hope — however naive it may sound — for a better world, and I have hope that people will think before they leave a hateful, hurtful, angry or derogatory comment for a specific person, or against an entire group of people. Rise above them? I’m not “above” anyone. They should rise above themselves and not be trolls or racists.

  25. I don’t count attentiveness to our neighborhoods based on how many times he’ll check in here personally. I do know that our area saw black top immediately after major winter storms, pot holes filled within a day – 2 at the most after being reported, and DEP trucks cleaning sewer drains which Bloomberg didn’t bother to do after Sandy. I don’t expect him to have press conferences here because the right of center residents around here aren’t going to be the background he wants for his legislative agenda, but I do see a mayoral administration that is a lot more receptive to our needs and cooperative, not perfectly but certainly more so than the previous administration and that’s a huge step in the right direction. If he wants to come here, he’s welcome to do so and there’s plenty of us around here who wouldn’t mind seeing it.


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