Dancing Crane Studio School Of Georgian Arts Opens On 20th Avenue

“Jeirani” Dance. Source: The Dancing Crane Studio

A new cultural experience has taken root in Bensonhurst. Dancing Crane Studio opened its doors at 6401 20th Avenue in order to foster Georgian language, literature and the arts.

The Dancing Crane company has existed since 1996. Now, they have extended into a full studio and center for teaching and performances.

It is run by Artistic Director Victor Sirelson and includes choreographer Vladimer “Dato” Goderidze, the Mgzavruli Music Ensemble led by Vano Goderdzishvili, New York’s first and only Georgian theater company called the “Georgian Theater of New York” with director and playwright Lia Bakhturidze Sirelson and a children’s choreographic ensemble called “Pesvebi” with director and choreographer Shorena Barbakadze.

The staff at the school write:

Our work involves practicing, presenting and transmitting to others the living cultural legacy of the folk arts. All dances and music are performed with strict adherence to the traditions, evolved over centuries. At the same time our work is part of the living tradition and includes contemporary interpretations by traditional artists.

The studio offers Georgian dance classes, music, theater, modern disciplines like hip-hop dance and more for both children and adults.

Hopefully, the studio puts on a public performance in Bensonhurst Park or the like so that we get a chance to see what Georgian language, dance and music is all about. Otherwise, how will I ever learn to say “good luck” in Georgian?


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