Dad Jokes

Dad Jokes

Brokelyn points us to Park Slope’s latest reading series, presented by the “procreative writers” of  “Loinfruit, Metldowns, and Weeknight Drinking” (appealing to Park Slope’s interests much?) is a “bloggy celebration of the foul-smelling joys of fatherhood,” which is great, because there are only so many episodes of “Louie” one can watch.

Every month at Pacific Standard (so far — this is only the second), three guest literary dads will regale the crowd with “parenting tales that may make you laugh, will probably make you cringe with self-recognition, and will almost definitely send you to the bar for another pint.”

This month’s installment is set for tomorrow night, and will feature the paternal stylings of:

  • Donovan Hohn, the prize-winning author of Moby-Duck and features editor at GQ, lives in the West Village with his wife and two kids.
  • Brian Braiker, a former Newsweek and Rolling Stone staff writer, is a contributing editor at the Guardian US and Billboard magazine and an amateur banjo player. He loves one of his daughters more than the other, but he’ll never tell which.
  • Gabe Soria, a music journalist and co-author (with Jessica Abel) of the graphic novel Life Sucks, has a 7-year-old boy who was kind of impressed when his dad introduced him to Dr. John.

Things get going at 7pm at Pacific Standard (82 4th Ave). The reading is free (the beer is not).