Cymbrowitz Slams BSA Over Horrible Homecrest Structure

1882 East 12th Street (Source: Google Maps)
1882 East 12th Street (Source: Google Maps)

Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz admonished the Board of Standards and Appeals (BSA) for allowing the continued construction on the reviled “Homecrest Tower” (1882 East 12th Street). In a press release, Cymbrowitz cited issues of safety as a major complaint in his opposition to the construction.

Earlier in the week, we reported that the BSA ignored the recommendations of Judge Yvonne Lewis, who ruled that the BSA should reconsider their initial decision to grant permits to owner Joseph Durzieh. The BSA gave Durzieh the go ahead, declaring his permits valid and dismissing community complaints and declared that any errors made in the approval of the original permits were “administrative.”

In the release, Cymbrowitz cited his history of opposition against the structure:

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In late June, Assemblyman Cymbrowitz wrote to BSA urging the board to “heed the community’s strong concerns” and rule against the five-story home, which towers well above its two-story neighbors. He had previously written to the city’s Department of Buildings (DOB) asking the agency to revoke its approval of the building’s plans, which were filed incorrectly as a renovation instead of new construction.

Cymbrowitz went on to note that the issue of safety was the primary concern as to why the structure shouldn’t be built.

“This isn’t a case of neighbors’ word against BSA. BSA is choosing to ignore a court order to review a project that was admittedly filed improperly and may have serious construction issues that compromise safety. Who’s protecting the residents here? The lack of accountability is extremely troubling,” Cymbrowitz said.

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  1. Does anyone really believe that Cymbrowitz’ main concern is safety, and that if all those concerns were being met/have been met, he’d be fine with the construction? It’s this kind of bald-faced lying that tends to give ALL politicians a bad name … not that they need much help anyway.

  2. I live on the block the building is not safe. People walk on the other side to avoid looking the monster. We had a water main leak on New Years Eve in front of that building. After Sandy the front broke in half. Cymbrowitz is not a liar the BSA is. I bet they never came out to inspect. I would like to see that report posted someplace. Live on this block before you cast judgement is i pulling out property values down


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