Cymbrowitz Criticizes NYC Location For Terror Trial

We received this from the offices of Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz:

Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz (D-Brooklyn) called the proposed lower Manhattan trial location of the 911 terrorists a plague on all New Yorkers, including those from the outer boroughs.
“This is not a Manhattan issue; this is of extreme concern to all New Yorkers. I represent a district in southern Brooklyn, yet each and every one of my constituents will be adversely affected if this trial is held in lower Manhattan, even though we are over ten miles away,” Cymbrowitz explained.  “Because the security required to protect the immediate trial area will be massive, my community, and communities throughout the City, will see fewer police officers to deter crime and to respond to emergencies.  Add to this the inconvenience of disrupted subway and bus service and the difficulties of shopping and traveling in and around the trial’s large security zone.  Every New Yorker is going to feel the pain of this trial and this doesn’t even take into consideration the heightened threat of generating new terrorist attacks in New York City and the expense that will have to be borne by either the City or Federal government.”
“It is important that all elected officials continue to speak out.  Fortunately many have already voiced their opposition to this dangerous and inconvenient idea.  I stand ready to fight with them to protect our communities and all of New York City in making sure the 911 terrorists’ trial is not held in our great city,” Cymbrowitz said.
“Justice Department bureaucrats must also know that New Yorkers are united in their opposition to holding this trial in our City and for good reason,” Cymbrowitz added.  “They must realize that we will not allow the Federal government to put our lives and economic wellbeing in jeopardy. Now is the time for every New Yorker to let Attorney General Holder and President Barack Obama know that conducting this trial in New York City is the wrong decision.”