Cyclone To Keep Original Cars

Source: _PaulS_ via Flickr

Last week the Post reported that Coney Island’s iconic Cyclone roller coaster will retain its original rough-riding cars after the current renovations are complete.

Despite what the L Magazine describes as “bully tactics, and indifference to the romantic allure of Coney Island and its homespun small businesses,” Italian thrill ride manufacturer Zamperla – which has been granted a 15 year lease by the city to operate the classic coaster – relented to roller coaster enthusiasts objections by announcing that it would not be adding new, smoother riding cars after all.

Lovers of the old “clickety clack” cars had complained that new cars would take away from the turbulent feel of the world-famous wooden coaster.

Zamperla had taken over the ride from Carol Hill Albert, whose family ran the Cyclone since 1975, asked out of her city lease in October 2010 because operating the Cyclone had become “too costly,” according to the Post.

The repair work is being contracted out to Pennsylvania-based Great Coasters International, inc. by Central Amusement International, a subsidiary of Zamperla.