Cyclist Injured After Hitting Baby Carriage & Dog On 9th Street

Cyclist Injured After Hitting Baby Carriage & Dog On 9th Street

A cyclist ended up in the hospital on Tuesday after colliding with a a baby carriage and a dog on 9th Street near 6th Avenue, according to the FDNY.

A spokesman for the fire department tells us they responded to the call just before 3pm today, and that they transported the cyclist, a 30-year-old man, to Methodist for his injuries. They say they did not bring any other people involved in the incident to the hospital, though they were unable to say if the pedestrians sustained any injuries themselves.

A neighbor who was on the scene sent us this report of the crash:

A man on a bike going down 9th Street ran the red light and crossed 6th Avenue. He ended up hitting, at full speed, a dog in the side, as well as knocking over a baby in a baby carriage and caused someones groceries to go flying all over the street. He ended up flipping over and falling off of his bike, too. The poor dog freaked out and took off running across 9th Street and was caught by a woman passing by. The baby was crying hysterically. The man was curled up in a ball on the street covering his head.
Everyone close by began to help the woman with the baby, the man whose dog had been hit, and began to pick up the groceries that were spread over the crosswalk.

The neighbor notes she has had two narrow misses with cyclists recently in our area while she was in the crosswalk walking with the light.

“It’s ridiculous how many bicyclists in this neighborhood ignore traffic rules,” she adds. “I don’t know many people that have been hit by cars, but I do know many people that have been run over by bicyclists, myself included.”

If anyone knows anything about how those people involved in this crash are doing, please let us know in the comments or by email at, and if there’s anything neighbors can do to help if they need it.


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