CVS Drive Through Caused By Diabetic Shock?

We reported on Saturday about the black Mercedes SUV that smashed through Sheepshead Bay Road’s CVS storefront, injuring nine. Surprisingly, no one was seriously hurt, but many were left puzzled about how a car could’ve ended up perpendicular, backing up into the store’s wall.

Well, some of the news reports indicate the driver was an elderly man attempting to navigate out of a parking spot. According to WPIX News (Channel 11), his tire got stuck between a telephone pole and a bike chained to it. He put the car in reverse and “lost control,” and plowed through the CVS. News 12 said he hit the telephone pole, “ricocheted” off a bike (?!), and landed in the CVS.

Now we get an employee’s account (and photos!). On the forums, an employee who was not working that day wrapped up pretty much everything we already know. But he added some inside information: employees were told the elderly driver went into diabetic shock. Now it starts to make more sense.

As for the store – they cleaned up and went back to business that evening. They have wooden boards up over the hole, and we’re predicting corporate will have it lookin’ brand new in two weeks or less. Anyone else want to hazard a guess?

Anywho, here are more photos, courtesy of the employee: