CUTE ALERT: Hey Bensonhurst, Help These Kitties Out!

Posey sticks out her tongue at Bekah after an unsuccessful attempt at capture

You may remember our post back in July about Pom Pom and Bella, two kittens just waiting for the right home. We need your help again and this time, you may even know the kitties in question.

Until recently, Posey and her brother Parker resided in the Bay Parkway station of the N Train. I remember spotting the two kittens myself on the Coney Island bound side sometime near the beginning of summer. Since then, the pair managed to get over to the Manhattan bound side of the station, where they were thankfully captured and rescued by none-other than cat-saving human heroine Bekah Wilcox.

From Bekah’s e-mail:

Posey was the first kitten trapped, she was more than willing to get out of the noisy station! Parker eluded us for days on end. We spent hours there trying to wait him out but he wanted nothing to do with being rescued! Until, that is, we brought his sister back. She was put in a small crate, blocked in safely with a divider and placed on the stairs. The kittens immediately began talking to one another. Parker came out and with a trail of food he eventually got bold enough to step into the crate with his front paws. The crate was slammed on his little rear end and we had him!
Parker waits for the right person to come along

Bekah says that despite not having had human contact for most of their short lives, both brother and sister are extremely friendly towards people.

She stresses that these little ones need to find a home immediately as they are being housed in a quote, *very temporary*, no-kill shelter in Queens.

They are spayed/neutered, negative for FIV/FeLV, vaccinated and dewormed.

Anyone interested in adopting these two cuties can contact Bekah on Facebook or by e-mail at

Please remember that any potential parents of Parker and Posey will have to prove they’re on the up and up. An adoption application, home visit and fee are required.

Pom Pom and Bella Update:

To everyone out there interested in Pom Pom and Bella, they still need homes.

After their story and photos were posted here, things looked good. News Channel 12 even did a piece on the pair. However, due to a snafu with the news channel’s webmaster, Bekah’s contact information was unfortunately never posted on its website.

Anyone interested in adopting Pom Pom and Bella may also contact Bekah using either Facebook or e-mailing her at


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