Customers Camping Out At Caesar’s Bay Modell’s For Sneaker Sale

We’re just going to have to file this under “Stuff I’ll never get.” A line of just more than 25 people has turned up in front of Modell’s Sporting Goods (8959 Bay Parkway) in Caesar’s Bay, according to tipster Bart E. They’ve brought lawn chairs and tents and whatever else they need to get through the frigid temps for the next 24 hours or so.

The first in line arrived yesterday, around 3:00 p.m.

Why? Apparently the store will begin selling Nike Air Jordan Retro 11 sneakers tomorrow. From what I understand, they cost upwards of $300 and look like this:

Man, ain’t that nice? So cool, right?

Wait, what the heck are we talking about again? People are camping out 24 hours in advance for a generic looking glob of plastic, rubber and nylon stitched together by a one-handed Vietnamese pre-schooler?

Yup, definitely in the “Things I’ll never get” file, right behind Fabergé eggs.


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