Curbside Water Fountain: Sign of Leaks To Come?

Is this undercurb water leak a symptom of something bigger?

On Wednesday, April 19, 2010 this hydrant was observed in use at the side entrance of P.S. 254 on East 19 Street. There was nothing apparently out of the ordinary about its use, except that there was a pool of brown water collecting at the curb.

Upon closer inspection, it could be seen that there were three or more little fountains of water spewing out from the seam where the curb meets the sidewalk. (The picture doesn’t show the little fountains, but if you look closely you might see one of them towards the left of the picture.) That definitely seemed out of the ordinary, because usually water flows from the hydrant to the hose attached to it.

Is water supposed to be spurting out from the curb or is this a sign of a major leak to come?

Let’s hear from all of you water conservationists and hydrant specialists.


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