Cupcake Kings To Open On Voorhies Avenue

Is Sheepshead Bay ready for its own gourmet cupcake vendor? Well, at least two locals and hundreds of Facebook fans think so.

Signs went up for Cupcake Kings at 1613 Voorhies Avenue (off Sheepshead Bay Road) weeks ago, but little information was available other than “Coming Soon!” Then the owners wrote to us about their plans.

My name is Dennis and my partner’s name is Larry. We’re two local Sheepshead Bay guys and are trying to launch our first retail cupcake shop. We thought it would be a great idea to bring this project to the neighborhood we both grew up in. Along with many great flavors of cupcakes we will also be carrying cookies, brownies,muffins and other tasty baked goods. We will also be carrying custom cakes for all occasions,  we will be serving gourmet coffee, cappuccino and espresso and teas.

Apparently, Larry and Dennis have been in the food business a few years, and have most recently been distributing cupcakes, cakes, breads and more to a host of New York City cafes and food establishments. As he noted, this will be their first retail venture (and will offer free delivery) – but, with no on-site kitchen, the goods will continue to be baked in their East New York bakery.

The location is still under construction, but their 300+ Facebook fans are already drooling and making demands for flavors like peanut butter and jelly and red velvet cupcakes. The owners are aiming to be open within a month’s time.

The prospect of adding diversity to the businesses around Sheepshead Bay Road is awesome, but a couple of hundred Facebook fans isn’t enough to support a brick and mortar store. So, once again, it begs the question, is Sheepshead Bay ready for a gourmet cupcake shop?


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