Cupcake Kings On Voorhies Avenue Closed For Good

A photo taken just days before the store opened in 2010.

After little more than a year and a half in business, Cupcake Kings at 1613 Voorhiees Avenue has served its last icing smothered dough ball to Sheepshead Bay residents.

The business closed up shop last week, just months after the original owners sold it off to new management (they kept a minority role in it, I’m told).

It’s a darn shame. Good memories with Cupcake Kings, which opened in November 2010. They provided some of the treats at Sheepshead Bites’ third birthday party last year. And there was also that cupcake eating contest where they accused one of Sheepshead Bites’ contestants of being a ringer. And, well, Ferrero Rocher cupcakes, people!

Well, good luck to all those involved with making Cupcake Kings. We look forward to your future endeavors.


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