Cupcake Kings Celebrates Opening With Free Cupcakes

Cupcake Kings' co-owners, Dennis Roitman (l) and Larry Kopylov (r)

“How many points do you think are in this?” a customer asked.

Lady, the only points that matter here are brownie points.

Cupcake Kings, the decadent sweets shop at 1613 Voorhies Avenue, just off of Sheepshead Bay Road, opened its doors today. With rows of  kaleidoscopic cupcakes taunting the tastebuds, it’s certainly no place to be counting Weight Watchers points.

And here’s the best part: to celebrate their opening, owners are giving out free cupcakes today only, from 4 p.m. until their 10 p.m. closing. With at least one person marking the hours left until the giveaway on Facebook, you better arrive sooner rather than later, because owners are expecting an early rush.

Even before the giveaway starts, co-owner Dennis Roitman said the store served about 500 people since it opened at 7 a.m. this morning. They’ve sold out of all their jumbo-sized filled cupcakes – including some dreamy ones packed with peanut butter – and are running low on Red Velvet and some other hits.

The response has been “very positive,” said Roitman. “It’s not because it’s us, but because customers are telling us [cupcakes] are the best thing that ever happened in Sheepshead Bay. The neighborhood is buzzing”

Speaking of the locale, Roitman said they’ve created a few special flavors to fit the area’s demographics.

“Russians love Ferrero Rocher, so we had to create it from scratch,” he said. Roitman, who is Russian, pointed to the chocolate cupcake smothered with hazelnut creme and topped with a split Forrero Rocher. He also said the Godiva White Chocolate cupcakes are performing well.

For those that miss the freebies today, Roitman and co-owner Larry Kopylov said they’re planning more promotions throughout the week, but hadn’t decided what that would entail.

More than a few customers were quite pleased to pay full price, with one declaring cupcakes her newest obsession, and another saying it’s “better than sex.”

The only critiques they’ve received are from customers who missed out on their favorite flavors.

“They’re telling us to stay open, and stock up on flavors,” Roitman said.