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Cuomo Signs Cymbrowitz Bill To Curb Gambling Addiction At Casinos

Source: sincerelyhiten via flickr
Source: sincerelyhiten via flickr

The following is an unaltered press release from the offices of Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz:

Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz (D-Brooklyn), Chairman of the Committee on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, commended Governor Cuomo for signing into law a bill he sponsored (A.2270A) requiring requires gaming venues to post information about compulsive gambling support services near every entrance and exit.

“With nearly one million compulsive gamblers throughout New York State, this legislation will help to raise awareness on how to access support and services for problem gambling,” said Assemblyman Cymbrowitz, whose committee has jurisdiction over compulsive gambling.

New York, along with most states that allow gambling, require that signage providing a 24-hour hotline number and other support services for problem gamblers be posted prominently in all gaming facilities. But the manner in which signs are posted is often inconsistent and arbitrary, according to the lawmaker.

“These signs are widely accepted as an appropriate tool to promote responsible gaming, yet the New York State Council on Problem Gambling says that in 2011 there were just 1,449 calls to the helpline. That means very few New Yorkers with compulsive gambling problems are receiving the help that’s available to them,” Assemblyman Cymbrowitz said.

“I am pleased that the Governor has signed this legislation. It is paramount that we consider the toll these new gaming facilities will take on New Yorkers with gambling addictions. Allocating money to problem gambling prevention and treatment programs is not an expense, but rather an investment in a better New York,” he said.

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  1. Post a sign ? This has got to be the stupidest thing I’ve read in quite awhile. Just more smoke and mirrors. These politicians have hit the Jackpot.

  2. As a resident
    of Assemblyman
    Cymbrowitz’s district I
    really have to wonder what he is doing legislatively in Albany if moving an informational sign, that
    was already required in casinos, a few feet is the type of legislative activity
    that he is proud of. What about his
    vote to allow casinos in New York?
    As chairman of the committee that deals with compulsive gambling is this
    a record he is proud of?

  3. In 1971, I spent a week in Albany. In fact I sat in on the Health Committee meeting as a student for one of his predecessors. What goes on there was an absolute disgrace. If people knew what happens there, they woud be outraged. No wonder so little gets done in Albany. it is so difficult to accomplish anything meaningful up there, that he probably is proud of anything he can get done. Even the smallest thing is a victory. This is not to be construed as anything positive or negative about him. It’s more a commentary about the system of politics and goverment.

    When I was young I wanted to change half the bus routes in Brooklyn. Now I am happy if I can change one bus stop. I wouldn’t be surprised if our veteran representives feel much like I do. You go in with high hopes and are happy to accomplish anything.

  4. Big deal. they create problem, and then claim we have number that the future addicts can call. It is like poisoning people, but then say well we have poison control toll free number.

  5. There are probably as many compulsive gamblers buying Lotto and scratch-off tickets as there are visiting casinos, so no wonder there were so few calls to the hotline, although someone losing his rent money at a casino will no doubt feel more pain and desperation than someone blowing his milk money at the corner newsstand. But, then, any educational effort and crisis hotline resource is a good thing, so perhaps gin mills should be required to post information on alcoholism programs as well.

  6. Is this a joke? What chance do the problem gamblers of this state have of getting help, if Chairman’s of the Committee only legislative remedy to their serious problem is passing legislation to change the location of signs in casinos? Ned, since you started, so what significant legislation has Cymbrowitz gotten passed in Albany?

  7. Who cares about notices and signs? The day casino gambling comes to Coney Island is the day that south brooklyn becomes a crime ridden cesspool.


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