(Cryogenic) Larry King To Move Back To Bensonhurst

Ever been to Schermerhorn Street, Larry? (Source: The Smoking Gun)

No, Larry King won’t be moving back to Bensonhurst- at least not until he defeats the Grimm Reaper himself.

The CNN host reaffirmed the rather odd compliment – which he first mentioned during a November episode of his new program A Dinner With The Kings – during a recent interview with website New York Natives.

From New York Natives:

In November, King caused a media stir when he shared with guests, including Conan O’Brian, Quincy Jones and Russell Brand at his new CNN special A Dinner with the Kings, that he’d like to be frozen after he dies. When asked where he’d like to go if cryogenic freezing works, Larry told New York Natives that when they unfreeze him he’s going back to Bensonhurst. If all goes as planned, he’ll be walking down the street in Brooklyn 200 years from now and “they’ll probably just say [Larry] where’ve you been?”

While we’re pretty sure Larry still holds a lot of love for the hood where he grew up (King says he visits every other year or so), there’s a certain kind of person who might take his statement as akin to saying, “when hell freezes over”.

We’ll give Mr. King the benefit of the doubt… for now.