Crowd Swarms Ave U Clothing Store

A “50 percent off” sale of North Face products caused a mob scene yesterday at Downtown, a clothing retailer on Avenue U and Bedford Avenue. We’re not really sure what the big deal was, but for most of yesterday afternoon and into the evening lines formed down the block. The store was only letting small groups in at a time. According to an employee, the sale will continue until stock is sold out. From the looks of it, it won’t last long.

We couldn’t help noticing that 99 percent of those waiting were Asian. None were able to answer our questions in English, so we couldn’t glean what was so special about this sale that it brought such a large number – and such a homogeneous group – to the location.

So, does anyone know what’s going on here? Why are there so many Asians trying to buy North Face from this location? And before you answer that question, please realize that I’m looking for a real answer, and not race baiting. Stereotypes and idiotic attempts at humor will be deleted more liberally than on other posts.